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December 15, 2018 - Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

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December 15, 2018 - Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

- Dec 15, 2018-Seoul, South Korea-
A Hundred People attend with hold candle light, memorial ceremony about

a died temporary position worker Kim's at Gwanghwamoon Square in Seoul, South korea.

Last tuesday after getting stuck on a coal conveyor belt at the Taean Thermal Power Plant

operated by Korea Western Power (KOWEPO) in South ChungcheongProvince.

The 24-year-old worker named Kim Yong-gyun had been at his job only three months after a long search for work.
He was hired by Korea Engineering and Power Services, a subcontractor of the power plant that oper - Image ID: R8B00Y​



인기 義士 안중근(安重根)

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