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그때 그 시절 - 1952년 부산 풍경(희귀한 동영상)

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그때 그 시절 - 1952년 부산 풍경(희귀한 동영상)

Dr. Burstone's films, 1952, Korean War

그때 그 시절, 부산 수영강변의 널구지, 보리진 마을 풍경과...

Watch the documentary Korea 1952, created by the National Folk Museum of Korea in Seoul, South Korea.
This documentary features film footage and color photographs that were taken by Dr. Charles Burstone,
a WFO fellow and professor emeritus at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine,
while he was serving in the United States Air Force and stationed at the K-9 Air Base in the Suyeong district of Busan,
South Korea, toward the end of the Korean War.

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